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tv   4 Your Sunday Viewpoint  NBC  May 21, 2017 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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now for your sunday viewpoint. >> good morning. i'm pat lawson muse. how much can you do in 24 hours? in a single 24 hour period, do more 24, which takes place thursday, june 8, is the washington area's largest 24-hour online fund-raiser sponsored by the universited wa. joining us is jerry eiler, kelly brinkley, and chris thompson. welcome all of you. on this sunday morning.
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familiar with do more 24, tell us what it's about, how it got started and why you do it this way. >> do more 24 is on june 8th. it's the region's largest giving day. in maryland, d.c. and virginia. and we do it -- this is our fifth year. we have raised over $5 million in five years. for the community non-profits. it's really to bring awareness to our region about people in need and the non-profits that need the support and dollars. >> we know you do this for maximum impact. explain how marshaling all of this these resources and giving on this one day makes a greater impact than donations given to the non-profits throughout the year. >> it creates a sense of urgency. people say, i will get around to it, i will donate. we try to put as much emphasize so people get excited and the
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we can raise moredollars for the non-profits. >> there are hundreds of them. >> last year we had over 700 participating non-profits. we like all non-profits to at least register, which is free, at if donors are watching nbc 4 and they see it's do more 24, they want to go into the system and hopefully find their favorite non-profit. if it isn't there, then they won't be able to receive that donation. we encourage all non-profits to register. >> chris, calvary women's services provides services to women who are homeless. tell us about some of your programs. >> sure, calvary provides, housing, health, education services for women homeless here in d.c. the women may be experiencing domestic violence or mental illness or histories of addiction. what calvary does is provide hosi
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services that really make it possible for women to move out of homelessness and live the kind of life they want to live and achieve the goals they want to set for themselves. we do a number of programs on site. in addition to case management, we have therapy services. we run addiction recovery groups. we have a program called leap which stands for life stills, education and arts, which provides women with activities and educational classes. we also have an employment program so that women who are living in our housing can have very direct and supported opportunities to do job searches. we're having great success. every five days a woman moves from calvary into her own home. we know what we're doing is working. campaigns like do more 24 and an opportunity to reach out to the community make a huge difference for us. >> then many of the women i assume are mothers. what are the children? >> calvary serves a population of single women. in d.c. we divide by women,
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women at calvary have an average age of 45. most of women, if their children are still connected to them, would be living with family or friends. for many women the goal is to stabilize themselves and to reconnect with their children. >> jerry, city year focused on the city youth, those most impacted by poverty. >> that is correct. we have 189 members. they're young adults between 17 and 25, working with students in high need areas. in 18 different schools. we're impacting 7500 students and making sure the students are on track to graduate from elementary school up through high school. so we know if a student is affected or impacted with their attendance, behavior, performance in math and literacy, by the sixth grade if they're failing in any one of those three indicators, we know that they are 75% less likely to not graduate. f
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now, i'm listening carefully to donald trump, and i think he's a narcissistic maniac. whatever you call him, we're not letting him bring his hate into virginia. welcome back. we're talking about do more 24, the united ways campaign on june 8 to give a big jolt of support to non-profits here in the dmv. city year, you were explaining your strategy for intervening in the lives and education of impoverished youth. tell us what the whole school initiative is. >> we have members in july giving training. by the time school starts in august, we're having the members work with students from when the bell rings to when the bell is ringing for dismissal.
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members to build positive relationships with the students as well as with teachers, parents or guardians and really focusing on the whole student and not just focusing on one aspect of literacy, testing or math testing. so we want to focus on the entire student's success. >> kelly, you have more than expecting more than 700 non-profits to participate. can they participate more than once? >> they can participate every year as far as more than once is concerned. but for this day, we are hoping that this year we can get -- we would love to surpass 700. as many non-profits that hear this call, we would like them to register as soon as possible. because registration actually finishes on monday. so there's not much time. >> tomorrow. that means you guys have to get cracking. chris, what's on the agenda s? what's your focus this week? >> in prepari
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so we as a staff have been working on a campaign for us at calvary women services is to help people connect and understand the needs of individuals. we provide holistic programming. so much of our fund-raising focuses on telling stories. so when i stepped out of the office today, the staff were preparing with a do more 24 sign in the background for women living in the program and staff and volunteers to hold up signs that talk about what calvary means to them, what the services mean to them, what difference this is making. we will use that visual campaign as a big part of our online giving. >> is there a sense of excitement among the staff and the residents? are they pumped? >> absolutely. and the staff person -- one of the staff who is running our campaign this year is fairly new to our organization. so she is completely taking this on. we're excited. i think it's an opportunity to reach out for us,
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we're working on using this not only to raise dollars but to widen the reach. >> are your services provided free of charge to the women who come to the center in. >> they are. everything is free of charge. we provide the housing and all of the support services are free and women engage in the services for as long as they immediate to. an average length of stay might be six months. as you know, there's a very large affordable housing crisis in our city. so much of what we do is really to help women think broadly about where they are going to live next, how do they reconnect in a positive way with family and with other support? >> jerry, do you work primarily with youth in the city? >> i work on the development team. but i work with a lot of the professional development of our corps members. our corps members is what's benefitting from the do more campaign. we want to make sure the schools who are asking for
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team -- there's 18 teams working 18 schools, that we can make sure there's a corps member. so ten corps members really working with the students. they are the ones putting all the effort and work with the students. >> kelly, you offer training for the non-profits. what do they generally need? >> they need to learn how to make do more successful. we give them tips on story telling, how to be effective in social media, how to be effective on facebook and instagram and twitter. we also talk about how they can specifically reach out to donors and create a message that creates a sense of urgency. our goal is to make them as successful as possible so we also offer office hours for non-profits to come in so we can sit down with them and really go through how can you be the most successful on this day. >> those strategies obviously will help them throughout the year with their fund-raising. >> absolutely. it's also a capacity
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because we have a lot of smaller non-profits who aren't as sophisticated around social media and how do you really bring new donors to your social media platform. we talk about those things. >> we will take a break. we will talk with two more of the non-profits participating this year in just a moment. stay with us.
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welcome back. we are talking about do more 24, the campaign coming up on june 8. joining us now are amy leonard, development and communications director for little lights, nina golding, director of major gifts for mary center and kelly brinkley of united way is with us. amy, your group works with youth. your approach is different. tell us about it. >> it is. we started out as an after school program for students in public housing but realized they don't live in a vacuum at school
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their community affecting their well-being. whether their parents have work, whether their parents can provide food and diapers and clothing for them. we started having a more holistic approach. we have a family center on site in the public housing community we work with that offers diaper distribution, job resource help. we also have something called the clean green team, a work force development program training men from the community how to do landscaping work. they have grown into their own private business, which has been fun to see. >> you have a homework club. you have summer lights. >> we do. homework club is a daily after school program where we give them individualized help with their homework. one thing that is unique is we try to have a low student to tutor ratio. we have about two students to every one tutor, making sure they get the help they need. we do have a summer program as well to make sure they're not losing any of the progress they have made over the course of the year, especially academically. >> do any of the clients have to pay?
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it's completely free. >> nina, at mary center you focus on health and wellness as well as family literacy and social services. how do you link all of those? >> that's right. mary center is medical dental social services. really, they are a wraparound program. we see over 40,000 people a year throughout our five centers. in d.c. and maryland. the programs are all intertwined to make sure families are getting good quality care across the board so that they can work and do well in school. >> your clients are all over the washington region? >> yes. >> you have a mobile dental cruiser. >> yes. we do. often families can't come into the center. dental is so, so important to make sure that children are doing well and that they're not getting many, many diseases. so we go out t
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we educate and make sure they're getting the cleanings they need when they're not able to come to the center. >> which is so important for children, as you said, during the break sometimes people think a child is disruptive in the classroom and -- >> it's not a behavioral problem. >> they have a toothache. >> exactly. they're not sleeping. they can't concentrate. without good quality health care, so many other things are impacted in the family. >> a lot of things can go wrong. >> kelly, you have something new this year with this campaign. it's called advanced giving. >> yes. this year giving even though the day is june 8th, giving actually starts on may 25th. the reason we made this change is because people will forget the day of. they will have every intention to give but they might go on vacation, they might be at work and be busy. so this year we're going to allow donors to go on may 25th to schedule their gift. which will become live on j
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8th. >> amy, i understand that you are a champion, that you have won your organization has won the award for two years in a row? >> yes, we have. the grand prize. very fortunate in that. we have an amazing group of donors who really do rally around us on do more 24. especially let their own networks know about what's happening and just garner a lot of support for us. we're very excited to hopefully try do that again this year. we'll see. >> how much pressure does that put on you? >> we keep trying to beat them. we haven't gotten there. we're going to try again this year. we will see. we really love the selfie campaign. social media, we're go -- we can portray the families and participants and really show the people that work in mary's center every day so hard on behalf of the community. we're coming for you again this year. >> ky,
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selfie campaign. >> we offer over $75,000 in prizes for the non-profits. we try to make them fun to keep the non-profits engaged throughout the day. one of our prizes is a selfie award. we do it for it's book and twitter. we encourage non-profits to -- take a picture with do more in the frame and #domore24. the non-profit that has that -- submits the most selfies wins a prize. it's our most popular prize throughout the day. non-profits love it and the donors love it because they can showcase what's going on during the day. >> the quality of the selfie doesn't matter? >> the quality doesn't matter. you can't use dogs. a dog can't be a part of the selfie picture. we have people who try that. >> we'll be right back. stay with us.
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welcome back. as we continue our discussion, wrap it up do more 24. amy, you have reading and math heros is one of the programs that you are conducting. tell us who those heros are. >> yes. the heros are the volunteers who come. it pairs one volunteer to every student. they aim to be together for at least a full semester. many are together for several years and build a great relationship that enables the volunteer to help do focus tutoring in math and literacy. many of our students come to us two grade levels behind. we want to give them an extra dose of tutoring to help them reach grade level or maintain that. >> nina, health care is a big issue right now. many people don't have insurance. tell us about the fee structure at mary's center. >> yeah. mary's center, we take all types of insurance
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insurance. or are underinsured regardless. we make sure they are cared for. if they can pay something, there is a sliding scale. we would never turn anyone away. right now there really are very difficult times. people are concerned about coming in, if they're going to lose their health care, if they have to choose between a prescription for a chronic illness or pay for groceries. it's a very, very challenging time for people to try and figure out how they're going to care for their families if there is an illness or just regular checkups and vaccinations that need to be attended to. >> kelly, you have a tag line this year. it's start your own activism at home. what's the story behind that? >> start your activism at home, this year there's an increased sense of urgency. we have seen the
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administration's proposed budget. many of the cuts will have significant affects in our community. people in this region are -- we are a giving population. a lot of residents have been giving to big national organizations which we completely support. but we don't want them to forget that in their own backyard there are significant needs. we have the health care bill, of course. nina was just speaking about the impact and the need for those services, medicaid and those services for their clients. we are concerned with education -- potential education cuts. so all of those things we need the residents in this region to understand that our social services network has to be strong. people are in need. so while we support you giving nationally, we ask you to start your activism at home and bring that same level of passion and sense of urgency to your own community. >> amy, what's it like
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raise funds and to get people to donate? >> we have been very surprised and encouraged by how many people are very excited, especially given some of the recent changes in the administration. they feel they really want to be involved in a local way and to do more than maybe they used to do. i think they feel that sense of urgency that you mentioned, kelly, and want to actually get more involved and to give more of their time and their money, which has been a blessing for us. >> nina? >> yes. i would say the same thing, that this is a very generous community. they understand the need that people cannot go to work if they're not well. and contribute the way they really do want to. so we are very grateful for the giving community and hope that they will continue giving this year as well and support all these wonderful organizations. >> kelly, i know you raised
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last year. the goal is higher this year. >> yes. >> as high as you can go. >> absolutely. the ksky is the limit this year >> thank you, amy leonard of little lights, your non-profit, nina golden is with mary's center. thank you all for the work you are doing. thank you for being with us. it's so important. that's do more 24 takes place on thursday, june 8, from 12:00 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. there's advance giving through june 8. thank you so much. to get more information about do more 24 logon to and click on community. that's for your sunday viewpoint. i'm pat lawson muse. news 4 today is next.
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news 4 today starts now. right now on news 4 today, testing diplomacy. the key meetings abroad from president trump as north korea presents a new threat overnight. college stabbing death on graduation weekend. what police are now uncovering about the victim and who they say is responsible. ready, set, race. the busy day as runners lace up for two big events. how you can get around the big impact. busy morning here in the nation's capital, hope you're having a good start, i'm adam tuss. >> and i'm angie goff. all the birds were singing and chirping. >> right out in the circle.


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